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Den Tandt

Lawyer Partner


  • MA in Law – KULeuven (2007)
  • Complementary MA in economic law – Université Libre de Bruxelles (2011 – magna cum laude)
  • Postgraduate – Civil and commercial mediation – UCLL (magna cum laude)
  • Admitted to the Dutch-speaking Brussels Bar in 2008
  • Collaborative lawyer

Areas of expertise

  • Tax law – tax disputes
  • Local and regional taxation
  • Real estate law
  • Lease law, especially commercial leases
  • Civil and commercial litigation
  • General commercial law
  • Civil and commercial mediation
  • Alternative dispute resolution


Dutch, French, English

Barbara focuses on tax law, real estate law, civil and commercial law, and business law. She concentrates on litigation and contentious cases, and pleads before all the country’s courts and tribunals, in both French and Dutch.

She also specialises in alternative dispute resolution. She is a qualified Mediator in civil and commercial cases and a recognised practitioner of collaborative law.

Barbara has been assisting listed companies and regulated funds, as well as SMEs, public authorities and private individuals in resolving or avoiding conflicts and disputes for many years.

Barbara has been a partner in the firm since 2019 and is a member of the Brussels Bar.

Outside her work as a lawyer, she enjoys art, history, culture, music, literature and travelling. Barbara is also closely involved in a royal non-profit association dedicated to educating young people in the areas of eloquence, good governance, and social engagement.

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